Family: Cote Conti – Country: Colombia

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My name is Jose Andres Romero Tarazona. I am a lawyer and have been a partner one of the largest law firms in Colombia, Brigard & Urrutia since 2009. I am the leader of our Tax, Tax Litigation, Trust Fund Management and Transfer Pricing teams. Duringthe last 19 years, I have been working as a national and international tax assessor for well-known international firms in Colombia and New York.
Italian blood courses through my veins as I am the fifth generation descendant of Mr. Vittorio Emmanuello Napoleone Conti Tamburini from Livorno who was born on June 14 th of the year 1859. My case, had the issue of maternal lineage (see here for further explanation) coupled with another major complication: a lack of documents proving my Italian citizenship.
In fact, my Italian ancestor’s Italian and Colombian names did not even match. After having discussions with several professionals at Castellari regarding the collection of the documents required (a regular activity in my profession) to proceed with the legal process in Italy, we decided to go to court without them. The judge in Rome accepted the impeccable arguments put forth, and recognized the right of my family to Italian citizenship through Sentence no. 7912 on the 19 th day of April in 2016.
The pleasure of being able to travel to the land of my ancestors with my Italian passport in hand is
incomparable! It was a great surprise to find colleagues specialized in this area of Italian law, and with whom I could discuss law in English and Spanish. Great job guys!

City and State of Italian Origin: Livorno (Toscana-Italy)
Case: Italian Citizenship via Maternal Lineage
Offices Involved: Bogota-Rome