Family: Meza Echavarria – Country: Colombia

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Hello, my name is Rodrigo Juan Meza Echevarria. I represented my country as a diplomat for many years. However, today I manage the architectural firm Arke Group. For decades, I had attempted to obtain Italian citizenship for being a direct descendant of Mr. Giocondo Nannetti who was born in Bagni di Lucca (Toscana, Italy) in 1840. However, my great-grandmother Cleonice, who was Giocondo’s daughter, could not pass Italian citizenship to my grandmother as a result of the Civil Code of 1865. In 2015, I entrusted the case to the professionals at the Castellari Firm. They explained to me the need to initiate legal proceedings in Italy. If you would like to know more about the details of my case, you can find them here.

The legal team is very robust, with offices in Latin America and Italy. Additionally, they work in various languages. I never lacked precise and detailed information on all of the steps required. Today, I have realized my dream. Sentence No. 2306 on February 4, 2016 has recognized my family as Italian, and the Italian Embassy has issued my passport. Thanks very much and I hope that others will be able make their dreams come true as well!

City and State of Origin in Italy: Bagni di Lucca (Toscana, Italy)

Case: Citizenship via Maternal Lineage

Offices: Bogota, Rome