Family: Padilla-Bardella – Country: Mexico

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We got to know this firm through their webpage. From our first contact, we have maintained a close relationship by email and telephone. Our mother was born in Rome in 1915 and married a Mexican national. Even before I was born in 1948, the lawyers explained the necessity to start the legal process to obtain Italian citizenship. Indeed, it was true. Once we had gathered the required documents, we started the legal process in Rome and obtained our Italian citizenship!

After obtaining the ruling in our favor, it took some additional time to be processed by the Italian authorities. However, we were finally given our Italian passports in Mexico City. Thanks for your patience, and your professionalism coupled with the timely passage of information that was always on time.

City and State of Origin in Italy: Roma (Lazio-Italia)

Case: Rule of ’48 (Maternal Lineage)

Offices: Bogota, Rome