Family: Sarmiento-Marchese – Country: Peru

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Hello! I am Federico Sarmiento Marchese, General Manager of Adidas in Colombia. I graduated from Industrial Engineering at the University of Lima and I hold an MBA from the University of Piura. Initially, I joined as General Manager of this German Company in the country where I was born, Peru. I found out about Massimiliano Castellari through my LinkedIn network and I noticed that his law firm was directly in front of Adidas’s office in Bogota! Collecting the documents demonstrating my family’s Italian roots was not easy. It turned out that one of my ancestors, Michele Arcangelo Francesco Marchese settled in Iquique which was at that time a Peruvian city, today it is Chilean. He later moved to Lima. With patience and constant support from the firm, I successfully gathered the documents necessary to demonstrate that my ancestors were of Italian heritage and I was able to obtain Italian citizenship. Along the way, I made some very good friends in the firm.

City and State of Origin in Italy: Potenza (Basilicata-Italy)

Family: Meza Echavarria – Country: Colombia

Offices: Bogota